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Our premium hardwood firewood is the perfect wood for cooking over a campfire.


Image by Kenrick Mills


1 Package of Graham Crackers

1 Milk Chocolate Bar

1 Bag of Marshmallows


Break your graham cracker in half. Put a chocolate bar on one half of the graham cracker (normally 1-2 squares of chocolate).

Place marshmallow on sharp end of stick and roast to your liking. Place roasted marshmallow on top of graham cracker with chocolate bar on it. Place remaining graham cracker on top, and wait 30 seconds for the roasted marshmallow to melt the chocolate.

Dough Dog



1 Package of Hot Dogs

1 Pack of American Cheese

1 Can of Refrigerated Biscuits


Take a hot dog and insert approximately half way on the pointed end of the cooking stick. Wrap a slice of American cheese around the hot dog.

Wrap refrigerated biscuit around the cheese and hot dog. The biscuit once applied will help secure the cheese on the hot dog. Place uncooked dough dog in fire and cook to your liking. Remove from heat and serve with your favorite condiments!

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