Kiln Dried Wood

We are pleased to announce the addition of a firewood kiln to our operation.This kiln

heats/ treats firewood to achieve internal temps of 140 degrees for at least a 60 minute

duration. This meets USDA recommendations for kiln/heat treated firewood. This elim-

inates the potential for all insects and allows us to ship to any location within the U.S.

Several states including Florida and New York have implemented stringent laws regarding

the movement of firewood across their borders. As of 2011, these states require heat treating

for all firewood entering their state. Some other states require heat treating if the producer is

considered to be in a quarantined area.Generally a quarantined area is due to having identified

Emerald Ash Borer or other invasive insects in that area. At this point we are not in one

of the quarantined locations and therefore our firewood is not subject to these regulations.

But, due to many changes by states, we have taken this pro active position and added the kiln.



Call us for pricing and any other questions you may have.

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We look forward to serving your bundle firewood needs.