Kiln Dried Firewood

Although the Custis family has been operating the farm and nursery for over 30 years, it wasn't until 1981 that we packed our first load of bundled firewood. It was wrapped with string from the hay bales for our cattle, and it took us 3 days to wrap and load 600 bundles.

Today - our state of the art assembly line packs 600 bundles an hour! .75 cubic bundle

ALL of our firewood is kiln dried.Want to know more about kiln dried wood click here.

Kiln Dried Wood

These days, we pack .65 cubic foot bundles, shrinkwrapped with handle attached, UPC coded on label,
75 bundles per pallet (amount can be adjusted)
22 - 26 pallets per load.
We have access to a large acreage of hardwood, and hardwood is the only ingredient you'll find in a bundle of Custis Farms firewood. Our wood is kiln dried and packaged here at our facility before it gets shipped to you.

Our firewood is then packaged in our warehouse in .65 cubic foot bundles, and then stored inside, dry and protected, where it can be picked up or delivered by us right to your facility. We currently deliver from New York to Florida.

Our pallet
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A phone call or email message from you is all it takes for us to become your firewood supplier.
Our product is only surpassed by our service.

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We have a 'Virginia's Finest Agriculture endorsement' and meet all state requirements